Again, New Look!

Just to have some quick update here. I've changed my blog template! So far, this is the best one yet. Before this, I used a free Blogger template by Kotryna Bass Design. Ayy, it's completely free! 😆

Click here if you're interested. If you want the template, you have to subscribe to their mailing list to get the access to their free resources library!

I love experimenting free templates just to edit it. Today, I've switched to a free template by Bthemez Blog! It is entitled Blush Blogger Template. So far, it's the easiest free template to edit. I've tried so many free templates before and most of them are still quite complicated to edit although it has given the template installation documentation.

But for this theme, it's as easy as pie! I completed my editing process of this template in under 30 minutes. The installation documentation is very helpful. There were a few problems with this template at first, but the installation documentation solved everything. Plus, the responsive look of this template is just nice!

If you're looking for great free responsive templates for your blog, I recommend you to search one at Bthemez Blog. There are lots of options with easy, customizable templates. You can customize the slider, post layout, and others! 😋



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