Hello, Second Blog!

Hello there, lovely earthlings! I'm Liyana Jasmi. You might know me from my main blog. Now, here's my second blog. But, why? Why do I even create a second blog? One is tiring enough to update. Well, let's call my first blog as my main site. And this is like, an unofficial site of mine. Lol.

I wasn't even planning to do this, tbh. I was actually so bored. I don't know what to do. I've mentioned this before on my main blog, but I love editing blogs. I wanted to edit my site but I don't know what to. I mean, yes, my blog isn't 100% perfect but for now, I still can't find anything to change or upgrade.

I missed editing blogs so much. Today, I was in my editing mood. I explored a few sites with free responsive templates and I found this one created by BeautyTemplates. So, I randomly decided to create this blog, upload this template and start editing. Now, I kinda love the design and I swear I feel like using it. I love how minimalistic it is, although it has no slider.

I guess I'll use this blog. Why not, right? I'll use this blog for giveaways and segments, and also for personal stuffs. Plus, in my future posts on this blog, I'll make not to talk formally like this. Gosh, I talk in such a formal way. I know I really don't have to but I'm so used to it as this is how I type on my main blog. I promise this blog will be so spotan after this, and I'll talk in Malay. Insya'Allah.

I can't even remember when or why I started to talk in full English on my blog. I used to talk in full Malay at first, then Manglish, and now with fully English. Honestly, I miss talking in Malay online. I mean, I tried to mix in some Malay words on my blog but I felt odd as I'm just used with full English.

I think I started using full English because I wanted to improve mine. I love the language and even sometimes I talk in English with my parents and siblings. I adore the English language. I guess that's why I'm typing like this.

I want to be informal. I feel weird to be informal on my main blog so hey, I'll use this blog then. Maybe for rants, especially. I have lots of things I want to rant about every time. Like right now, I'm ranting about how I used formal English too much, lol.

Okay, whatever. Insya'Allah this will be the first and last post on this blog that I talk like this. I'm pretty excited to use this blog but hey, no worries, my main blog is still my main priority. More updates will be coming there. This blog? It's just for fun. For ranting, giveaways, segments, contests, heart-to-heart talk maybe? Lol, I don't know. I just created this a few hours ago tho.

That's that. I don't think anyone would even read this or even follow this blog. The follow button on the sidebar is redirecting you to follow my main blog instead. Well, this blog is pretty much nothing yet so ... 'till then, see y'all later!



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