Mystery Box Giveaway by Dewi

Yayyy, this one is a very exciting giveaway. Who doesn't love a mystery gift? Anyway, hello, Dewi! Thanks for making this giveaway. That's a really great idea of you to give away mystery prizes. 😊

Just imagine one day, your door bell rings and when you open the door, there's an unexpected box in front of you. That curiosity feeling of what's inside the box, ahhh I really want to know! I mean, if it's totally random, then of course I would be afraid to even touch it. Who knows there might be a bomb or something? But ayyy if it's a mystery gift you won, that would be so damn exciting! I love surprises, that's why I want to win this 😆

I watched the video of Malie in your post, that looks so fun! Getting to unbox a mystery box, she's so lucky! I really miss unboxing presents lol, the last time I actually got a mystery present was on my 11th birthday 😂

Okay honestly, I really don't know what makes chicken fly. A plane? A pair of wings? Some fake wings maybe? Lol, I don't know. But heyyy, whatever it is, I would so happy if I receive the box! But I'd say that I'm wishing it to be full of stationaries, maybe? Or some books? That would be great too! Ayyyy I'm getting even more curious! I'm really hoping to win this. Hehehehe 💕

Click on the banner to join! 💋

Tags: Yaya Yuki & Fara Nym



  1. Hello liyana. thank you so much for joining. Have the best of luck. :D

    1. Yana, check here.


  2. Hai singgah dri ga yg sama. Good luck dear! ;)

  3. singgah dari segmen sama..:) :)

    goodluck tawww.. <3

  4. banyaknya blog dia. hehe.. salam kenal dik


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